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What do we do?

Felox Swiss GmbH is a member of the Felox Group. With its broad expertise and access to highly qualified professionals, the company forms cooperations with firms in the field of Infocommunication, Pharmaceutical, and Dietary Supplement industries. Through a partnership with Felox Swiss, partner companies gain access to skills, competencies, and resources which substantially improve their operations, create stability, and contribute to strong growth.Just as importantly, the relationship helps the local partner to learn and live up to the values of „Swissness”.

In a recent success story, Felox Swiss contributed to the revival of a product with a bright future. In this project, Felox Swiss GmbH joined forces with a small Hungarian company which focuses on the development and the production of organic dietary supplement products based on natural honey. With the contribution of Felox Swiss, the production process, the quality assurance systems, the product’s image, and the product portfolio is completely renewed and tailored to today’s trends and expectations.

As the result of their collaboration, the two companies managed to produce solid honey products without adding any additives, synthetic or natural, and retain the original values and ingredients of honey to the highest possible extent. The final product is solid honey (at room temperature) which may be infused with almost any kind of natural or synthetic ingredients such as vitamins, herbal and fruit extracts, oils, colorants, enzymes, minerals, bee products, etc. The continuously growing portfolio includes products that satisfy hunger for natural sweets, dietary supplements or natural remedies for certain diseases (e.g. upper respiratory tract infections).

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